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Prehistoric, Pristine & Popular

Found deep within the Himalayan Mountains, this salt is mined from ancient sea beds that crystallized long ago, before modern pollutants existed, lending to the belief that this salt is one of the purest salts on earth. The beautiful, varied pink coloring of Himalayan Pink Salt is due to the wide variety of trace minerals contained in this salt, giving it the signature light to dark pink coloring for which it is loved.

Carefully and Sustainably Sourced from the best, FDA-registered suppliers, SaltWorks® Himalayan Pink Salt products are the highest quality available on the market. By removing any unwanted debris, color sorting, and precisely sizing the grains to ensure ease of use in any application, our proprietary quality processes ensure that Ancient Ocean is naturally the cleanest, safest and Best Quality Himalayan Pink Salt available on the market. These quality assurance practices leave our salt in its pristine, all-natural state while ensuring its food safety for any processing, manufacturing or repackaging use.

Our color sorting ensures the deepest pink color and highest mineral content, followed by aspiration and SaltWorks Optically Clean® technology—utilizing cameras and air jets to remove any unwanted insoluble matter or debris from the salt itself. After careful metal detection, a trip over rare earth magnets and through specifically-selected sizing sieves, only then is the salt worthy of the SaltWorks name.

Many Grain Sizes & Packaging Options

SaltWorks® Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Pink Salt is full-flavored, all-natural, and harvested from ancient sea salt deposits found deep in the Himalayan Mountains. Its mineral-rich profile includes calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium, and gives this popular salt its beautiful range of colors—from varying shades of pink and red.

Our proprietary Optically Clean® technology ensures our Himalayan salt is the highest quality and most delicious product of its kind on the market.


Salt Lamp



The large rocks of salt are firmly shaped and cut as the first step towards a complete process. It needs specific edges and rounds to later shape it towards any diversified choice. This process is conducted through a Lathe machine which cuts down the large salt rocks into smaller pieces.

However, there is a possible ratio that salt blocks might get fractured during this process. As the salt dust is intense while cutting the blocks of the salt. Attention to the detail is given to achieve the best shapes which are attained during the procedure of cutting.


Towards the completion of this step, the salt blocks are first dusted so that all the excessive dust produced during the extraction and cutting procedure wears off. This process is then taken forward by individually washing these rocks with as little consumption of water as possible.

The rocks are then left for a day or two so that they can be dried. During the process of washing, superfluous utilization of water is avoided because it can dry out the minerals surfaced on the blocks thus the lesser the water, the better it is!


Hole Punching

The most crucial part of the entire procedure is the hole punching. Most of the times, while carrying this task, a lot of salt blocks get wasted. The labour, hole punching is done through different deep holing machines, so that wastage can be avoided to the most.

The size of the holes may vary according to the size of the rocks and the lights being inserted into them. Some holes are drilled all the way through, very deep, whereas some holes are done on the surface of the top.

Base Fitting

For the base fitting, excellent quality Bloodwood is picked to provide a strong and firm base. Bloodwood is a beautiful dense hardwood, which unlike other red coloured wood, stays red. The wood is then exactly shaped as the salt blocks are, and a hole is punched into them too so that the light bulb can be inserted.

After all the cutting and shaping tasks, the wooden base is attached to the shaped salt blocks by glueing them together.